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I interned at Amazon's Core Design team and later received a return offer to stay in the team. During my period at Amazon, I worked on cards that were shipped to Amazon's homepage as well as exploratory projects to improve the users' shopping journey.

The User Problem

While customers find Amazon to be a great place for spear-fishing (searching for the exact product that they want), many do not know how to explore other products that they may be interested in. One of the functions of the mobile gateway (mobile homepage) is to introduce customers to personalized recommendations, recommend new products and promotions, and remind them of their past actions (orders, views) to increase user revenue.


I have build designs and created experiments that shipped on Amazon's mobile homepage, bringing 300%+ improvements in click through rate and uplifts in downstream impact. I also designed and pitched an innovative project that brought excitement to the team and it was taken for further user interviews, prototyping, and testing 1-2 years after I left.

My Work

Let me know if you'd like to understand a bit more about my work there.

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